Sunday, April 24, 2011

Multi-Genre Paper

Happy Easter imaginary legions of fans I pretend I have!
To celebrate today, I'm going to eat an entire box of Peanut Butter Smidgens and then take a nap.

I have just spent the last week or so writing a multi-genre paper for a class I don't even really like. The subject is supposed to be "Teaching Writing", but I think we all know you can not "teach" someone to write, you can just guide them through the writing process. Anyway, I ended up doing this whole big report based on Kurt Vonnegut and his "Eight Rules for Writing Short Fiction." I worked quite hard on it, but my professor will most likely find something horribly wrong with it and decide I fail. I will, in turn, bitch and moan quiet but say nothing because she is also my professor for next semester and I want to get my masters as painlessly as possible.

This is my life right at this very moment. Hopefully, something better will happen soon and I can tell all you imaginary people about that.

 Anyway, to celebrate today here is an awesome video about the Easter Bunny

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